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2012 Paul Bachorz Memorial Photo Contest Entries
Bachorz Airhead Spring Prediction
Airhead Day Last winter Paul had decided that he was tired of a furry ground rat in Pennsylvania getting all the attention come February 2nd. He proposed that we roll out an airhead, point it north, note whether the side stand cast a shadow, and start 'er up. Should the battery run down before the airhead started, we would have a longer winter...

Read Muriel's complete story on the MOA site...
Corrected Green Mountain Rally Coordinates
Some incorrect coordinates have been published for the upcoming GMR at Camp Thorpe. The actual location is 43.85440 -73.01145 (map). See you there!
2010 Green Mountain Rally Details Announced
The final details for this years rally have been sorted out and posted to the rally page. You can download the rally registration form here.
The BMW RA International Rally is coming to Vermont!
This year's BMW RA club rally will be held July 29 through August 1 at the Green Mountain Energy Park in Pownal, Vermont. Check out the details on the official RA Rally page.

The MOV will be the host club and is looking for members to volunteer and show the thousands of visitors what a great place Vermont is to ride a motorcycle and to hold a rally. Contact Paul Bachorz if you're interested in helping out.
Updated Puppy Dog Route
PDR MapWith the change from Allis to Silver Lake last year, the reroute added a lot of unecessary pavement. For 2010, Mike Cotroneo and Poppy Gall have mapped out a new, much dirtier route coming into Silver Lake from the North. A couple other minor changes were made to avoid pavement as well as omit some of the trickier dirt sections.

The GPS files have beeen posted to the rides page.

UPDATE: The 2010 route sheet PDF's have been uploaded to the rides page. Also, some minor changes were made to the GPS routes on the morning of Tuesday, May 18th 2010 at 9AM. If you downloaded them before then, you should grab the new file to make sure we're all on the same page.
Web Site Content Wanted
So, the new site design has been online for almost a month and seems to have been well received overall. Now it's time to start expanding. First, we'd like to add member-written event recaps and ride reports. If you'd like to write something up after attending the upcoming Mud Season Bash, please send it in and we can get it online.
MOV Mileage Contest
Peggy Ross has taken charge of our club mileage contest, which begins March 1st and runs through the end of February. This gives us enough time to calculate the winner and present the award at our annual Mud Season Bash in April.

Send your starting mileage(s) to Peggy Ross, with the year and model of your Beemer(s). Then, on the last day of February next year, you can record your mileage(s) again and email the miles to Peggy with "Mescia Mileage Award" in the subject line.
New Club Leadership
2010 Officers
President—Muriel Farrington
Vice President—Kevin Wilkinson
Secretary—Tyler Yandow
Treasurer—Jeff Seymour

Paul Bachorz       
Lynn Roberts
Lyman Foss         
Dan Zee
Ray McKenna

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Really Old News

MooseHere's a reason to slow down and enjoy the ride: taken on 125 between E. Middlebury and Hancock (photo courtesy of Bill Daigle):

Thanks to Ted Hall we have some new rides for Finisher pins. See the Rides page for the new RAT items.

An interesting site: Open Road Journey still in beta but looks like it has real promise. The more who use it and contribute the more useful it will become.

Presidents past and present are now listed in the About Us section. Thanks to Judy Mirro and anyone else who helped to bring this list together.